Tami Armijo- Masterful Mortgage Mentor 

Hello Patrons of Positivo!

Today I am fondly remembering a very special person whose help got me into the beautiful home I live in today. I met Tami Armijo many years ago when I was working for ADT Security, and she was in the mortgage business. When we met, we were in a networking group called LeTip. She was always kind and very supportive. She actually took me under her wing and always made me feel welcome and cared for. At that time, I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to buy a home, due to a previous bankruptcy and the fact that I wasn’t making a great deal of money. 

While I always wanted to own a home of my own, I just wasn’t sure I could actually make it happen. That’s where Tami came in. She took me by the hand and walked me through the entire process of getting a mortgage. She literally stood by me every step of the way! She explained every document in terms I understood. Tami provided not only outstanding customer service, she had my back. She met with me in person on every occasion and explained what every document was, that required my signature. I don’t know if all single women, over the age of 50 need that type of hand-holding, but I am so very grateful she was there to get me through the process. She made it far less stressful than it would have been, and for that, I am most appreciative! 

After more than 10 years, I still live in my home and I truly love it. More than that, I am so grateful to have this beautiful home and the security it provides for me, as I continue aging in place, as they say. I am especially appreciative today, after seeing how much apartment rents have increased the past few years. Not only that, how much home prices have increased. Once again, I am a very fortunate person and this has a lot to do with all the amazing people who helped me along the way. 

I think each of us can remember someone, or perhaps several people, who made a huge difference in their life. It feels really good to think about how fortunate I am to have met people along my path who really helped me when I needed it. Tami, is just such a person and I will always be grateful she went above and beyond to help me buy the home, which I love so much. I honestly can’t imagine going through the home buying process without someone like Tami. I am truly fortunate we met when we did and she was there for me the way she was. 

In closing this post, I asked for permission to include Tami’s last name, email address and phone number, just in case anyone who reads this, needs her type of help or guidance. And, just in case I didn’t make it crystal clear to this point, I am so very appreciative I met Tami when I did and she helped me in the way she did. If you ask me today, would I recommend her help should you be buying a home, Absolutely YES!

Tami Armijo-480-390-5963

[email protected]