Author: Ann

That’s One Amazing Friend!

Hello, Patrons of Positivo! I woke up this morning about 1:15 am thinking about a very special person in my life. This post is a bit longer about my friend, June, who is past the age of 85 now, so I hope you will bare with me as I share how I first met this […]

Managing through Leadership.

Hello, Patrons of Positivo…  I want to talk about a manager who is doing a great job. This brings me to today’s blog about Kevin W. the store Manager at Fry’s (#12) in North Phoenix.  First, I want to say I shop at Fry’s, #12, even though this is not the closest Fry’s store to […]

What’s up with UPS?

Hello Patrons of Positivo! Today I am thinking about my neighborhood UPS store. Many years ago I was lucky enough to find this great UPS store right in my own neighborhood. It’s kinda funny how I came to use this store. You see, since I’m no longer working, I just wasn’t using my printer very […]

Friends over 5 decades… what are the odds?

Hello Patrons of Positivo! Today I’m thinking about my childhood best friend, Lynn. We met about 55 years ago while we were both living in the small town of McCloud, in Northern California. McCloud is located about 9 miles from the base of mighty Mt. Shasta. I’ve included a picture above so you have a […]

Tami Armijo- Masterful Mortgage Mentor 

Hello Patrons of Positivo! Today I am fondly remembering a very special person whose help got me into the beautiful home I live in today. I met Tami Armijo many years ago when I was working for ADT Security, and she was in the mortgage business. When we met, we were in a networking group […]

Let’s get started!

Welcome to our blog, Positivo… Pass it on!  Hello! I’m writing these short blog posts in order to thank the many people, business owners, managers and friends, who have helped me over the years. These folks have made a positive impact in my life. None of these people have asked me to write about them, […]