What’s up with UPS?

Hello Patrons of Positivo!

Today I am thinking about my neighborhood UPS store. Many years ago I was lucky enough to find this great UPS store right in my own neighborhood. It’s kinda funny how I came to use this store. You see, since I’m no longer working, I just wasn’t using my printer very often. And, as a result of not using my printer very often, I found that when I did try to use it, the ink had dried out and the printer wouldn’t print! Now, that same printer sits in my garage and I actually save money by not buying printer cartridges anymore! I also find I don’t swear nearly as often as I once did. On the rare occasion I want to print something, or fax something, or send something back to Amazon, I just pop into my local neighborhood UPS store, where Mike and his friendly crew always make sure I get things done right, the first time. It really feels good to get things accomplished on my to-do list and whenever I need office type services, I stop in and I know things will get done right. Not only that, these folks actually make getting things done, enjoyable.

In fact, it was back in 2020, when the pandemic was raging, I wanted to create a banner the employees of our local grocery stores would see, so they would know they were appreciated. That’s when I reached out to Mike. I worked with Mike and explained exactly what I wanted and he created the banner for me, which I then happily passed out to local grocery stores. I knew it was a very scary time for employers and employees and I wanted to do something so they would know we, the customers, appreciated them. I love that you can still see this banner on the walls of some of our local grocery stores today! I included a picture of the banner above, which Mike created for me. I know it isn’t a Rembrandt, however, it was very meaningful to me and I sincerely appreciate that Mike did what I asked him to do to create it.

Over the years I have probably gone into my local neighborhood UPS store about once a week. As I mentioned, I go in for help with printing, copying, faxing and sending Amazon items back to Amazon. And there’s one thing I really, really appreciate about Mike and Hannah and all the friendly employees at this store. They always help me with changing technology issues! They make it easy for me to get things done and they are friendly and efficient in the process! 

In closing, I want to say I consider myself very lucky to have found a store in my own neighborhood with friendly, helpful people. I really do appreciate all the help they have given me over the years. Also, I asked for permission to tell you which store this is, in case you ever need help, which is actually helpful! 

Mike’s UPS store is located at: 16845 N. 29th Ave. Phoenix, 85053